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Cover Letter

Cover Letter Editing for Journal SubmissionOur tailored cover letters are submitted alongside your publication-ready manuscript. Summarizing your aims and principal findings, they are prepared by the same editor who worked on your manuscript. Since some journals ask for very specific information to be included in a cover letter submission, our editors work carefully to ensure it meets requirements.

Under Substantive Editing, a cover letter for journal submission is created at no additional cost to the author.

Certificate of Editing (COE)

Certificate of EditingA number of journals ask for a certificate of editing from the author at the time of manuscript submission. Considering that, we provide a FREE editing certificate under both of our editing services—Substantive Editing and Copy Editing. Your COE is proof that your manuscript was reviewed by professional native-English editors and that the technical language, grammar, spelling, and formatting are correct.

Journal Formatting

Journal Formatting ServiceMost journals have strict formatting policies, with errors leading to manuscript rejection. To avoid this, our Journal Formatting service offers you assurance that your paper adheres to the formatting guidelines of your target journal. In addition to improving the overall presentation of the manuscript in terms of layout and style, our journal experts also ensure that your text, figures, tables, and references are all formatted as per the “instructions to author”.

This service also covers application style guides (e.g., APA, MLA, and CMoS).

Word Count Reduction

Word Count ReductionOur editors are experts in reducing word count so that your manuscript does not exceed a journal’s specified limit. Along with maintaining language accuracy, they are also careful to ensure the original meaning and substance of your content remains intact.

Under Substantive Editing, your word count is reduced by up to 20% for no additional fee. Under Copy Editing, it is reduced by up to 10%.

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