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Advantage of Pre Submission Peer Review

Our experts will assess every element of your paper, such as soundness of study design, reporting of research methodology, significance to the field of study, ethical compliance, and data analysis. In addition, they will conduct a detailed check of journal compatibility to minimize the chances of rejection. Finally, you will receive a report that entails clarity of presentation, organization and structure, evidence, conclusion, adequacy of literature review, etc. 

Why choose multiple peer reviewers?

  • Get diverse perspectives
  • Diminish individual bias
  • Get your review in the same amount of time
  • It’s a common practice followed by most journals

Why choose us?

Your manuscript will be peer reviewed by subject-matter experts with experience reviewing for high-impact factor international journals.

You can choose up to 3 peer reviewers for your manuscript.


Our review process and output matches the standards of the highest ranked journals, allowing you to enchance your manuscript prior to submission.

You do not have to wait for months. Get a peer review in just 7 days!

Peer Review Sample Report

Our Expert Peer Reviewers

Our experts have experience working with the top academic international journals . Get a detailed review of your manuscript, including the areas that need improvement to match the journal standards for publication

Our Happy Customers

Delivery and Pricing

No of Reviewers Turnaround Time Price
1 Reviewer 7 business days $320
2 Reviewer $630
3 Reviewer $940

Opt for an All Inclusive Publication Support Pack Avail a10% discount**

Our Advance Editing Full Support Package is designed especially for early-stage researchers to make the rigorous publication process simple and easy. From journal selection to submission, we support authors at each step and make their manuscript ready for resubmission if the journal rejects it.

Services included:

  • Pre-Submission Peer Review
  • Journal Selection
  • Substantive Editing
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Formatting and Artwork Editing
  • Journal Submission
Opt for this service if :
    • You are still uncertain about selecting a journal to submit to and want experts to make strategic proposals.
    • You want to strengthen the content of the treatise through pre-peer review and English proofreading by experts
    • You have relatively little experience in writing and submitting treatises

We recommend our Advance Editing Easy-Go Package to the authors who have identified the journal they want to approach. This pack includes services right from editing and formatting manuscripts as per the journal guidelines to submitting the manuscript on the author's behalf. Let us know the target journal, and we will make the manuscript submission-ready accordingly.

Services included:

  • Substantive Editing
  • Plagiarism Check (Paid add-on)
  • Formatting and Artwork Editing
  • Journal Submission
Opt for this service if :
    • Those who have already decided the posting journal
    • Those who want to save time and effort by leaving complicated work such as adjusting the appearance of papers and drawings to specialists
    • Those who want to speed up the completion of posting with the minimum necessary support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pre-submission Peer Review?

Journal reviewers provide valuable feedback during the journal’s editorial and decision making process. However, journal’s editorial time frame can vary, and your paper may go through the peer-review process after a long wait. Getting technical advice on your manuscript from an expert in your research area helps you avoid rejections, address possible pitfalls well before submission and gain advantage. Our experts will evaluate the novelty of the manuscript, soundness of study design, reporting of research methodology, significance to the field of study, ethical compliance, data analysis, compliance with the journal guidelines, and provide their suggestions or recommendations to increase the chances of publication.

What are the benefits of choosing multiple reviewers for Pre-submission Peer Review?

Our Pre-submission Peer Review service allows you to select up to three reviewers. The benefits of selecting multiple reviewers are: Critical analysis provided by multiple reviewers gives you a diverse perspective about various aspects of your manuscript. Views from multiple subject-matter experts will help you introduce more clarity to research presentation in your manuscript. You will receive the reports from all the three reviewers within the same delivery deadline (TAT).

Does the pricing for Pre-submission Review vary depending on the word count of my document?

No, the pricing for this service does not depend on the word count for a manuscript upto 20,000 words. However, you can get a custom quote for expert reviews of books or thesis.

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